De voordelen van desinfecteren met schuim

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Hoe kies je het juiste reinigingsmiddel?

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Desinfectie protocollen per teelt

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A clean water system and the highest quality water, that's our goal! So no biofilm, low oxygen levels, no pythium or phytophthora and certainly no Crazy Roots. For GSPP there are hard demands on the water quality.

Personal Hygiene
People are main spreader of diseases and pests in the greenhouse. With the right attention and measures your employee can safely do his/her job. Visitors of your company can therefore enter safely.

Machines & tools

During (crop) work, a bacteria, fungus or virus can easily be spread through the greenhouse. Proper cleaning and disinfection is then of vital importance. With a good risk inventory and the right approach you can work safely.

Starting material
Are the plants I bought free of diseases? There are things you don't have direct influence on, but you can ask critical questions! How does the plant grower deal with hygiene?

Hygiene scheme

[Webinar] Reach the Full Potential of Your Cannabis Growth Through Proven Strategies


Learn from master growers about practices used in some of the best grows in the world: using light strategies for unparalleled quality of crops and increased yield.. 

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Can-Hub welcomes Grodan


Can-Hub is pleased to announce the arrival of Grodan to its already impressive list of supply partners.
Grodan supply innovative and sustainable stone wool growing media solutions for the professional horticultural sector, based on Precision Growing principles. These solutions are, amongst others, applied for the cultivation of Medicinal Cannabis

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At Can-Hub we have an experienced and enthusiastic team with specialized knowledge. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments. We'll contact you within 24 hours.

Online knowledge session Energy Curtain Control


Priva organizing an online knowledge session that addresses the following question: How can I keep a stable climate during the opening and closing of my energy screens? The session will be held on Tuesday, April 14 and Thursday, April 16. During this session, Priva consultant Paul Jense will provide tips & tricks about how to keep the greenhouse climate stable during opening and closing of the energy curtains, by using step control.

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Royal Brinkman only sells these products and services to professional growers, dealers or Project Developers who are licensed or have by law the right to grow Cannabis or trade Cannabis related products

MMJ Daily Can-Hub launch


The cannabis industry is a very knowledge-intensive sector. The high value of the crop, and the substantial operational cost, push growers to be extremely efficient in order to thrive in such a competitive market. The need for knowledge is even more relevant when a number of growers cannot rely on an extensive horticultural background, which is necessary to smoothly run large-scale cultivation facilities. The knowledge required is not only related to cultivation processes themselves, but it is also related to the understanding of the wide range of technological solutions on offer, and which of these are more suitable for a specific operation.

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Matthew Dent

[Webinar] End of Line Production Cultivation Techniques


This free webinar is intended for master growers and cultivators who are looking to learn about end of the production cultivation techniques to increase quality, to set your crop apart from competitors.

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Water Activity and Cannabis


[Free Webinar] Cannabis processors have a tight moisture target to hit when drying. Too dry, and you destroy trichomes and profits. Too wet, and you get mold, sick customers, and a damaged reputation. 

How do you get the precision you need to hit the sweet spot? And how do you package to make sure you stay there?

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[Webinar] Understanding GACP and GMP in Commercial Cannabis


This free webinar is intended for master growers, cultivation and operations teams and business executives who are looking to learn more about GACP and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and guidelines to standardize and control consistency of cannabis production.

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[Webinar] Best Practices in Water Use Efficiency and Recirculation


Join Priva and Grodan as we discuss commercial-scale recirculating systems and water-use efficiency in Cannabis cultivation. Advance your knowledge of irrigation recirculation infrastructure, best practices for water management, and how data driven solutions can increase production efficiency while minimizing your water footprint.

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Breaking News – Grodan launches its Grodan Max line of dedicated Cannabis stone wool substrate


Can-Hub is excited to announce that Grodan has launched its brand new “Max” line dedicated to hi tech Cannabis cultivation. The new line developed at the Wageningen University and Research Facility and secretly tested by some of the world’s top growers also utilizes Grodans latest V1.0 technology. 

The top-secret project took an intensive two years to come to light and has resulted in the most innovative Grodan product series so far. The impressive Max range features a raft of improvements over its predecessors and has left any opposition well and truly in the dust! 

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[Webinar] Best Practices in Water Use Efficiency and Recirculation

[Webinar - watch now on demand] A New Yield in Cannabis Webinar Series: Part 1—The Fundamentals of Cannabis Plant Physiology


Modern science is still unlocking the medical secrets of this incredibly versatile and ancient crop that thus far has presented us with 100s of different compounds, from cannabinoids to terpenes. In the first webinar of our Cannabis Series, we’ll be covering the basics, learning the main differences between the different crops and the gender of the plants. We’ll share insights on the intensity of cultivation and practical economics that you’ll need to think about when planning your crop. This will include the different life stages of the plant, as well as touching on the lighting and photo period for growth depending on the stage of the plant’s life cycle. We hope you’ll join us on the 10th September for the first of this three-part series.

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[Webinar - watch the replay] A New Yield in Cannabis Webinar Series: Part 2—Uncovering the Right Light Quality & Quantity for Your Cannabis Crop


When: You can watch the webinar at any time
Time: What's best for you
Duration: 1 hour

In this webinar, we cover all aspects of light quality and quantity. Joining Hans in the second webinar of the series is Dr. Ricardo Hernandez, PhD, who is conducting research on the effects of light intensity on cannabis crops in a controlled environment. We start the webinar with an overview of lighting terminology before walking you through all you need to know about the right photoperiod, intensity, optimization and saturations levels. From there we take a deeper dive into the impact of UV, as well as the various colour spectrums that are the most additive and deconstructive for cannabis. Click below to watch the replay of the webinar.

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Priva Aranet Launch


Priva need no introduction when it comes to high-tech horticultural solutions, so when the team at Can-Hub heard that our supply partner Priva were teaming up with Latvian Industrial Microwave data gurus Aranet, we began salivating at the prospect of a rock solid wireless platform that can go pound for pound with any system on the market, while integrating with one of the best environmental control setups in game. 

Now after a few months of waiting we’re proud to announce that the Priva Aranet platform is available to purchase through Can-Hub!

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Can-Hub Show | Episode 1 | Hygiene protocol & Cannabis legalization


In episode one, the dynamic duo speaks to Cannabis legalisation expert and criminologist Laura Rastovac from Meteor systems and are also joined by Horticulture Hygiene gurus Jan Willem Keizer and Jasper Verhoeven to discuss all things facility Hygiene protocol. 

Take a dash of humor, throw in some industry insight, sprinkle with fun, and bake for 30 minutes……….. dinner is served folks enjoy “The Can-Hub Show Episode 1. 

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[Webinar - Available On Demand] A New Yield in Cannabis Webinar Series: Part 3. The Importance of the Cannabis Growing Environment and Role that Light Plays Within It


When: You can watch the webinar at any time on demand
Time: What's best for you
Duration: 1 hour and 9 minutes

In the final webinar of our cannabis series, we will explore, from the grower’s perspective, how the lighting strategy employed in your operation alters parameters such as transpiration rate, temperature setpoints, irrigation input, airflow, and ultimately cannabis flower yields and profits. More insight and a deeper grasp on the interaction of light with the other environmental factors can greatly improve a cannabis setup and put a grower on the path of success.

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New perspectives on how to set up the best cannabis cultivation facility | MMJDaily


A few months ago, Royal Brinkman, the global solution provider for the horticultural industry came up with a new concept that would provide cannabis growers with a one-stop shop for all of their questions on how to set up the best cannabis cultivation facility.

That’s how Can-Hub came into being. Now, after some time of successful projects carried out around the world, Leo Lievaart with Can-Hub is ready to share his thoughts on these first months of activity.


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DryGair DGX Launch


Can-Hub introduces the DryGair DGX, the newest model in the DryGair range of dehumidifiers. This smaller model is especially designed and suitable for growing medical cannabis. With the introduction of the DGX, DryGair provides a controllable greenhouse climate in an increasing number of crops, thus improving the quality of the crop.

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[Webinar] Micro Cultivation and Producing the Best Cannabis


Back by popular demand, Heliospectra and Hanna Instruments have teamed up for another webinar for Cannabis Micro Cultivators! Their lighting and fertigation experts will walk you through how to set up a micro cultivation facility to grow the best flower. This session will be moderated by Dr. Av Singh, agronomist with Gaia Green and cannabis micro-cultivator in Canada.

Date: Tuesday, June 22      Time: 2pm EST

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